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16mm 5D Lavish Mink Lash Strips

Reasons You Choose Face Love Eyelashes:

No abuse to animals and 100% cruelty-free;

Flexible and sturdy bands for all-day comfort;

Easy to apply and can be reused multiple times;

Make your eyes more sexy and alluring! 

Tips on how to apply lashes:

Step 1: Carefully remove the false eyelashes from the case with tweezers

Step 2: Compare false lashes 25mm with your eye line length, trim to suitable width

Step 3: Apply liner glue to eyelid. For non-liner glue along the eyelash band with cotton swab 

Step 4: Hold the eyelash at the base of your natural lash with applicator 

Step 5: If necessary, apply eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eye line look more natural/blend